Randall Marketing Public Relations (Randall MPR) 

A Marketing Communications Firm For Injury Law Firms & Medical Practices


  • "THE Revenue Engine"
  • Legal Marketing
  • Medical Marketing
  • Referral Management
  • Physician Relations
  • Attorney / Legal Relations
  • Bridge and Consensus Building
  • New Business Development
  • Legal Investigative Services


Randall Marketing and Public Relations (Randall MPR) is a physician/attorney relations marketing communications firm based in Atlanta, GA. Our marketing communication programs generate revenue through new communication channels, client engagement, customers retention and new business development.   


With over 18 years of experience in the marketing/public relations sector, specifically medical and legal relations, Randall MPR's proven knowledge and expertise secures many new revenue streams.  Our physician & attorney relations executives are leaders in strategic management and relationship building.  Some of our core comptencies include:


  • Driving and increasing direct sustainable revenue within a  law practice  
  • Increasing medical and legal business engagement.
  • Formulating lasting partnerships and collaborations
  • Developing and maintaining referral management systems and protocols
  • Healthcare relations
  • Patient care
  • Most important, we develop new health/legal revenue streams 


Our office represents some of the nations finest law firms, medical practices and referral services, generating millions in monthly revenue.   Randall MPR's investigations team are experts in client acquisition, client rentention, medical/legal case management and resolution services.


Interested in Randall Marketing and Public Relation services?   Email Randall Marketing and Public Relations support at clientrelations@randallmpr.com.


Our Services:  Generating Revenue

Physician / Medical Relations & Patient Acquisition

Our specialists provide assistance with strategic medical relations, new patient referral management and physician to physician communications.  


Typical Medical Clients:  Neurology, Orthopedics, Neuro Surgery, Spine, Pain Management, MRI Referrals

Attorney Relations & ALL Inclusive Client Acquisition

We offer consultancy across a diverse range of legal industries to help law practices deliver fast, high quality results.  Our impact generates millions in monthly revenue. 


Typical Law Practices: Personal injury Law Firms, Auto Accidents Firms, Work Comp, Medical Malpractice, Wrongful Death, 

Marketing Communications

Get strategic medical/attorney relations and marketing strategy through detailed strategic partnerships and relationship devices. 

Revenue Engine

We offer client specific consulting services to generate millions in monthly settlements, awards, verdicts and new legal revenue. 


RMPR evaluates current trends, successes, and future directives to deliver winning marketing communication plans.


Our Attorney/Physician relations directives drive revenue!

Legal Investigative Services

Randall Marketing and Public Relations offers strategic legal investigative services to accompany attorney relations clients.  

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